On February 1, 2019, the Sno-Eagles helped organize and coordinate a wedding on the snowmobile trail at the Buckatabon Bridge.

All the activities began at Eagle Waters Resort where approximately 130 wedding guests assembled. The guests were separated into groups, and Sno-Eagles volunteers led about 74 snowmobiles with 109 riders on a trail ride to the bridge. Those guests who did not snowmobile to the bridge enjoyed a ride to the event on a groomer drag!

Sno-Eagles provided a campfire at the site in addition to a warming tent for the guests.

Bauer’s Dam donated hot chocolate which was served by club volunteers.

The wedding couple, who are club members, made a generous donation to the club for our efforts. Other wedding guests were invited to join the Sno-Eagles.

Sno-Eagles volunteers who helped make this event a success are:

Rusty Wolf
Brian Scheid
Dan Towne
Grady Stoll
Tim Bogeman
Ron Engels
Steve Linn
Carole Linn
Marv Radloff
Jim Ehler
Jerry Fancher
Sioux Regez
Jerry Lathrop
Sandy Lathrop
Josh Lathrop
Deana Jansa
Chuck Bodie
Dave Mroczynski
Sonja Mroczynski
Dan Tomasoski and son

Sleds arriving

Bride and groom arriving

Groomer ride to the ceremony

Groomer operators Dan Towne and Tim Bogeman

Exchanging rings

Exchanging rings


Happily married!



Warming up by the campfire with delicious hot chocolate