Olivia Hunter was crowned Miss Sno-Eagle 2022-2023 at the October Sno-Eagles membership meeting.  Olivia graduated from Northland Pines High School in Eagle River in June and is attending Madison Area Technical College studying small business entrepreneurship. 

Olivia is a past Miss Sno-Eagle, serving in that role from 2021-2022.

Olivia likes to be outside in her free time whether it’s playing with her dog, four-wheeling, fishing, snowmobiling, ice fishing or hunting.

Her love of snowmobiling began as a child while ice fishing with a neighbor.  They rode together ice fishing, and all the while she was being taught the basics of snowmobiling.  Before long she was riding on her own.  Seeing how much Olivia loved snowmobiling, her neighbor gifted her a snowmobile.  The rest is history.

When she snowmobiles, Olivia likes to go out to different places with her family and just enjoy being out on the trails.

When not on her sled, she enjoys being out on the ice, ice fishing.  Whenever there’s a tip up, she likes to jump on her sled to be the first to the tip up!

Olivia enjoys helping people in the community and is always available when her neighbors need a hand with something.  On Earth Day she rakes leaves for those folks unable to do so.

She’s also been helping the Sno-Eagles by volunteering at the concessions, selling raffle tickets, and by helping with trail brushing.

As Miss Sno-Eagle, Olivia will represent the Sno-Eagles at events throughout 2022-2023 some of which include the World Championship Snowmobile Derby, Badger State Games Torch Ride,  Derby Vintage Weekend, Groom to Ride Raffle, the 4th of July Parade, and membership meetings.

Olivia is featured on the Sno-Eagles 2022-2023 trail map cover.

A $500 scholarship donated by Boat Sport Marine, and a $500 scholarship donated by Days Inn Eagle River will be awarded upon completion of Miss Sno-Eagle responsibilities.  In addition, Olivia will receive a custom embroidered snowmobile suit donated by Diva Snow Gear.  Derrick Biermann donated the Sno-Eagles trail map cover photo.