From 1967 to about 1980 the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club did not publish a trail map like the ones we see today. In 1967, the club created a yearly publication called Sno-Eagles Sno-Trail Guide. Besides being a yearly publication filled with the past year’s events and photos, the club also had a trail map on one of the pages.

The Sno-Trail Guide was the largest fundraiser for the club during these years. A few copies remain, and this month we present the Sno-Trail Guide for 1975.


This is a letter from the Sno-Eagles President for 1975, Jim Ayers. Jim is still quite active in the club. Jim gives the visitors a warm welcome and explains the Trail Guide.

Here’s a map of the old Snowmobile Park, constructed by our predecessor club the Northwoods Sno-Mo club. This club became the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club in 1971. Members of the club built a “Warming Shelter” and marked a cross-country trail around the airport. The club also built a “drag race track” and a ½ mile oval track for club events. Jim Ayers was instrumental in building the warming shelter and the trails.

This page is an overview of events for 1975. Please look at all the advertisers back then. Some are still around today and still support our club.

On page 11 is a letter explaining AWSC, how it started in Minocqua in 1969 and by 1975 had grown to 302 clubs. Offices were moved to Neenah and our own Bev Dittmar was elected Secretary of AWSC.

Here’s a few photos of Mary Neis, Joyce Roxbury and Sally Ayers making repairs on their snowmobile.

Here we see the Vilas County Snowmobile Trail Map in 1975. Yes, it does look quite plain as compared to our beautiful maps of today.

This page needs no explanation but a lot of imagination. Members all dressed up for the Annual Sno-Eagles Fashion Show at the Persian Paradise. Yes that is our Jim Ayers with “Hair”. Mary Ann and Jim Neis look great in their leather snowmobile suits. Edie Kukanich was dressed up as Miss Racie Gracie.

Finally, we have a photo of our World Champion Smelt Eater, Bev Dittmar from May 1974. Bev ate 92 smelt in 15 minutes, Congratulations Bev!