The Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club of Eagle River announces the purchase of a new groomer for the club. The Sno-Eagles commitment to snowmobile trail grooming continues with the recent purchase of a 2017 Pisten-Bully Trail100 trail groomer. The Pisten-Bully is made by Kassbohrer in Germany and sold through dealerships in the United States, the closest of which is Minneapolis, MN. “This addition to our groomer fleet will add stability to our already impressive fleet of grooming equipment” according to Trail Boss Brian Scheid.
Scheid says, “I’m excited about the new groomer as I recommended several different units to the Board of Directors and this unit will fit the needs of our trail system. Pisten-Bully has proven stability, quality, and a record of excellent customer service to the snow grooming industry for many years.”

According to Scheid, the Sno-Eagles club has a very talented group of groomer operators and club volunteers committed to maintaining equipment and providing safe, groomed trails for the club. The club currently grooms nearly 100 miles of snowmobile trails in the area. “Providing safe, quality trails here in the “Snowmobile Capital of the World®” requires world class grooming equipment,” Scheid added.

Scheid commented “Maintaining safe and groomed snowmobile trails does, however, come at a price.” The Sno-Eagles club has an operating budget of approximately $120,000 for the 2018-2019 snowmobile year. The budget includes fuel, equipment maintenance, insurance, building maintenance and utilities, labor costs and equipment.
According to Scheid “The cost of a new groomer is approximately $230,000, and a new drag is about $15,000. The Sno-Eagles currently has three groomers and drags along with an ARGO amphibious vehicle for wetlands.”

“Grooming of Sno-Eagle trails occurs after sunset in two shifts. Grooming after dark allows the colder temperatures to help set up the snow. The Sno-Eagles grooms 4-5 times per week to ensure smooth and safe trails.”

The club receives approximately $50,000 annually in reimbursement from the state via Vilas County to maintain snowmobile trails. Because the amount of reimbursement is nowhere near the cost to maintain the trails, the Sno-Eagles engage in vigorous fundraising efforts and solicitation of donations. Scheid stated “The club maintains trails to attract visitors to our area which promotes tourism. This is a direct benefit to our community and the local businesses. Without snowmobilers, many local tourist-driven businesses would be unable to remain open during the winter months. Each year, area snowmobile clubs struggle to generate the funds necessary to remain solvent.”

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