The elections held at the October 1977 annual meeting were highlighted in the last edition of Rearview Mirror. However, more importantly, at that October 1977 meeting a discussion was held on whether to continue grooming operations. After a long debate, an overwhelming majority of 43-3 voted to discontinue grooming operations after the current season. The main reason behind the decision was that local businesses did not support the club and the $32,000 needed annually to groom the trails. This was simply too much for the club.

On Dec. 10, 1977 the Sno-Eagles held their annual Christmas Party at the Golden Eagle. Cocktails, dinner and dancing brought fun, fun, fun for club members. The Annual Weekend Away was set for the Northern Motor Lodge in Boulder Junction on January 27, 28, 29. The cost was $54 per couple plus tip and the ride would depart from Leon Kukanich’s place on Boot Lake Rd.

The January 1978 meeting saw the club crowning the new Miss Sno-Eagle, Kim Warner. The first Ladies ride of the year was being put together by Edie Kukanich. The group would ride to Bauer’s Dam. The Family Fun Day on snowmobiles was held in February and it was a great time for the 50-54 members and their kids.

During the Mach meeting, Jim Ayers & Tim Berner were appointed to an ad hoc committee to investigate a new Trail Grooming Board.

At the April 1978 meeting the club added Jeff Miller to the Trail Grooming Board and the trail grooming board decided to call themselves Headwaters Trails. (As we will see in upcoming editions of the Rearview Mirror, Headwaters Trails groomed the trails until it was dissolved in 2006).

June 1978 found the Sno-Eagles running the food concession for Artarama. Dave Everett needed help selling ads for the Trail Guide booklet.

Chief “Little Hair”, Jim Ayers, reported that 8 couples went on a fun canoe trip in August.

At the October 1978 annual meeting, elections of club officers and directors was held. Jim Ayers was elected President, Leon Kukanich V.P., Tom Berner Treasurer and Donna Rice Secretary. The updated By-Laws were distributed with the monthly newsletter.

In November 1978 the AWSC added a death insurance benefit as part of being an AWSC member, great news for snowmobilers. The Weekend Away will be to Copper Harbor, MI on February 16-18, 1979.

At the Feb. 1979 meeting the President stated the men’s ride to Land O’Lakes was fun, and if anyone finds John Deere parts or Scorpion pistons on the trail to please return them to the club next meeting!

AWSC announced in April that there will be a Director from each county starting next year instead of the dozen directors on board now.

During the July meeting it was voted upon to raise dues to $20 for a family membership. ($20 in 1979 equates to $70.73 in 2019 dollars).

In Dec. 1979 the Board of Directors set up the Budget for 1980 to be approved at the Jan. 1980 board meeting. One item of importance was the expected income from Headwaters Trails to be $1200. However, the Sno-Eagles are to pay Headwaters Trails $6000 for maintenance of trails next year. As shown in the 1979-80 Trail Guide, the Sno-Eagles leased equipment to Headwaters and gave them $10,000 towards grooming.