January 1980 found the club working at the Derby Track as volunteers. Our new Sno-Eagles Queen was Belinda Wilder and she was at all the Derby races representing the club. The Vilas County Tavern League donated $200 to the club for grooming activities.  

Crowning Miss Sno-Eagle Belinda Wilder

In March 1980 the club had 20 graduates from the Snowmobile Safety Class. The club was looking at replacing the old Bombardier Groomer SV-200. 
In April 1980 the Board decided to purchase a new Groomer, a Bombardier SV-252, to replace the SV-200. It had many new features, but the board felt some features were not needed at this time…like a well-stocked bar, TV and air conditioning. Meanwhile, the Sno-Eagles purchased a new Tucker for Headwater Trails.  

Miss Sno-Eagle, Belinda Wilder, on the Sno-Eagles
4th of July Parade float

October 1980 was the Annual Meeting to elect Officers and Directors. Re-elected was Jim Ayers as President, Leon Kukanich V.P., Tom Berner Treasurer, and newly elected was Tom Gelinskey as Secretary. Jeff Miller was elected President of Headwaters Trails. The board members of the Sno-Eagles are also the board members of Headwaters as well as representatives to the Chamber of Commerce.  

Officers and Directors 1980
Left to right (seated): Donna Rice, recording secretary; Tom Berner, treasurer; Sally Krusick, corresponding secretary; Leon Kukanich, VP; Jim Ayers, president
Standing: Ace Roxbury, Jack Haase, Jeanette Boettcher or Claire O’Neill, Jeff Miller, Dave Warner, Tom Gelinskey, Bill Anderson, Vic Puttkammer

November 1980 was a wonderful month, as Miss Sno-Eagle, Belinda Wilder, was selected to attend the AWSC Miss Snowflake pageant. Congratulations went out to Belinda. 

Pam Warner and Edie Kukanich returned from Oshkosh and began planning the Christmas party for December. The Sno-Eagles will have their groomers in the Christmas Parade.