During the January 8, 2019, Sno- Eagles Board of Directors meeting, President Wolf suggested collecting non-perishable food for the School Backpack Program.  Audrey Stearns initially informed the board of the program in December.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the club to give back to the community.  The School Backpack Program provides kids at the elementary and high school level with non-perishable food to take home over the weekend, as many students lack proper nutrition while at home on weekends. The Club will start collecting food at each membership meeting starting in January.

Miss Sno-Eagle, Cheyanne Warren, has been attending board meetings and membership meetings as well as learning more about the club.

Cheyanne Warren, Miss Sno-Eagle



At the January membership meeting, the club presented Jim Ayers with an Honorary Membership and plaque to celebrate all the years Jim has given to the club.  Jim is one of the Founding Members of the club.  Congratulations Jim.

Deputy Jason Molle was introduced as the new Vilas County Recreation Officer.

Bylaw changes were read by Fred Rockafellow and adopted by vote of the membership.  The biggest change in the amended bylaws was that a Family Membership has two votes.

Club volunteers picked up trash at the Pond Hockey Tournament on Dollar Lake.  The club received a significant contribution for their work.

President Wolf announced he submitted a nomination packet for the AWSC Snowmobile Friendly Community Award to be awarded in March.

Each month the club holds Saturday Night Out dinner events, organized by Cheryl Storms.

The Weekday Away was scheduled for February 12-14.  The destination was the Dollhouse B&B in Florence, WI.

The Sno-Eagles were contacted by the Derby Track to run the Food Concession Stand for Vintage and Derby Weekends.   The club staffed the concessions and received a nice donation from WCDC.

The Sno-Eagles had the privilege of assisting in the wedding of Joe & Holly Czarnecky on February 1, 2019.  Our groomer and drag brought guests from Bauer’s Dam Resort to the Buckatabon Bridge.  Approximately 12 club volunteers guided the 74 guests on snowmobiles from Eagle Waters Resort to the Buckatabon bridge for the wedding.  It was a great time.

Wedding couple exchanging vows
Aerial view of the wedding


The AWSC presented the Sno-Eagles with the Snowmobile Friendly Community Award at the March AWSC meeting.

Left to right: Dick Stoegbauer Town of Lincoln; Carole Linn Sno-Eagles and Town of Washington; Fred Rockafellow Sno-Eagles Treasurer; Rusty Wolf Sno-Eagles President; Jeff Hyslop Mayor City of Eagle River

During the March membership meeting, Chuck Bodie was re-elected VP; Fred Rockafellow re-elected Treasurer; and Ron Engels, Sandra Lathrop, and Carole Linn were elected Directors.

The Ride with Pride raffle fundraiser raised over $18,000 with $8,777 going to the Sno-Eagles.

There were two new fundraisers this year.  The first being a Pancake Buffet Breakfast at the VFW on July 20, and the second a Fish Fry at the VFW on August 30, 2019.

Grady Stoll was selected Groomer Operator of the Year, and Jerry Lathrop selected as Volunteer of the Year.

Past president, Dave Everett, was awarded the Big Dumper Award for his “big dump” in the woods during a Thursday ride.

Dave Everett receiving the Big Dumper award

The big news from AWSC this spring was a change in their bylaws having all AWSC memberships expire on June 30 of each year.  This should make it easier for clubs to manage membership each year.

In July, the club raised $1,532 at the Brat & Bake sale; $575 at Beerfest Beer Pong; and  $9,000 at the Sportsman’s Pig Roast.

The Board of Directors authorized the purchase of a $25,000 brush cutter for the Pisten Bully.

Kortnie Volk was selected as Miss Sno-Eagle 2019-2020 by Miss Sno-Eagle committee members Cheryl Wolf, Carole Linn, and Jessica Pollack.  Kortnie is a senior at Three Lakes high school.

In September, Treasurer Fred Rockafellow reported the club raised $1,800 at the Breakfast Buffet and $2,000 at the Fish Fry fundraisers.  The food provided by the VFW was great, and a big thank you to all our volunteers who helped serve and cook.

Audrey Stearns and Linda Brunswick announced they are organizing the Weekend Away to Tomahawk on January 31-February 2, 2020.

The WCDC has asked the club to operate the food concessions for the Vintage and Derby weekends at the track in January of 2020.

Scott Linn and his crew prepared for this year’s Snowmobile Safety Course scheduled for October 19-20, 2019 at Trees for Tomorrow.

Safety Class 2019

On a sad note, Nancy Tahtinen, wife of Jerry, our past president, passed away in late September.

President Wolf announced the club will continue to support the School Backpack Program by collecting non-perishable foods at each membership meeting.

At the November 21, 2019 membership meeting the club crowned Kortnie Volk as Miss Sno-Eagle for 2019-2020.

The annual Christmas party was planned by President Wolf and his wife Cheryl.  It was held at Catch 22 on December 13 and had an  Italian theme.

Outgoing Miss Sno-Eagle, Cheyanne Warren, competed in the AWSC Miss Snowflake Pageant.  Cheyanne has done a wonderful job representing the club this year.

Cheyanne Warren representing the Sno-Eagles at the AWSC Miss Snowflake Pageant