In December, President Ken Storms reported our current Miss Sno-Eagle, Bridgette Darton, will continue on another year as Miss Sno-Eagle 2011. The club had no applicants for Miss Sno-Eagle this year.

Bridgette Darton(right), Miss Sno-Eagle 2011, at the Christmas Party

President Storms asked the Board for volunteers to complete a final audit of the Sno-Eagles and Headwaters merger. To save costs Dennis Del Ponte, John Peroutky, Audrey Stearns, and Holly Tomlanovich will complete an audit. This will provide a starting point for the club.

Club member, Brian Scheid, started a Facebook page for Sno-Eagles. Brian, Ken and Holly will keep it updated. Jeff Sluzenki will host the Weekend Away, February 4-6, 2011 at the Best Western in Ishpeming, MI.

Chris Kloiber redesigned the club website, and Holly will be posting trail conditions. Membership is currently 141 paid members.

Trails were not groomed from December 26 until January 5 due to lack of snow. Bugs Mathieu received the coveted “toilet seat” award during the Weekend Away for getting his snowmobile stuck on top of a guard railing.

During the March board meeting the candidates seeking election were announced. Club treasurer, Audrey Stearns, asked to step down after many years on the job. Ron Engels suggested Fred Rockafellow be selected by the President to fill the position of treasurer. This year’s elections will be for Vice-President, Treasurer, and 3 directors.

At the March 2011 membership meeting, elections were held. Steve Linn was elected VP and Fred Rockafellow elected treasurer. Ron Engels, Jim Fabish, and John Peroutky were elected directors. Audrey Stearns and Linda Brunswick will be the hosts for Weekend Away 2012 at the Super 8 in Tomahawk.

Trail Boss Tom noted that the club is at $800/mile for grooming this year. $750/mile is the maximum that can be received from the state. Tom also mentioned that a power pole and the railing on Buckatabon Bridge was damaged this year by groomers.

In March, the bylaws committee submitted a few changes to the bylaws which will be voted upon at the membership meeting.

At the April meeting, the new treasurer, Fred Rockafellow, stated the separate grooming and club accounts will be consolidated and reviewed each month. Trail Boss Tom stated that the club purchased a new Sno-Boss drag which will be used in the July 4th parade. The summer club picnic was scheduled for August 6 at the Kathan Inn. The club Brat & Bake sale at Trig’s was set for July 29.

At the August board Meeting, President Ken thanked Audrey Stearns for being the club Treasurer for 16 years. The profit from the Brat & Bake sale was $370. Jeanne Rockafellow withdrew from chairing the Miss Sno-Eagle contest in August. She suggested eliminating the contest due to lack of candidates. The board recommended continuing the program.

At the September board meeting, a letter was submitted to the board from the Audit Committee formed to audit the consolidation of Headwaters and Sno-Eagles. The letter stated that the audit was completed and all bank statements, paperwork, and checking accounts were reviewed and turned over to the Sno-Eagles. However, the audit could not be completed for the Headwaters portion due to lack of proper documents, reports, and a stolen computer. The Board recommended accepting the committee letter. The audit was determined to be complete. The club’s new Treasurer, Fred Rockafellow, will consolidate the two accounts and balance the books as of August 2011. This will be considered the starting funds for the club moving forward.

At the September membership meeting it was announced that Phyllis Case and Sandy Kirby will chair the committee for Miss Sno-Eagle.

The Budget for 2011-12 was approved with little change from the previous year.

The Decker’s opened a shop at the corner of Wall and Railroad Streets with Derby memorabilia for sale.

Bob Stencil and crew are setting up trail brushing days starting in September.

In November, Holly announced she will be doing weekly trail updates for the Chamber, Snowtracks, and our website. She updates the phone message every two or three days.

Jim Ayers, the club Map Coordinator, gave an update on map sales stating it is going well.

Jeanine Mathieu is organizing the Christmas Party set for December 3rd at the Chanticleer Inn.

Snowmobile trails opened December 12, 2011. Tom reported trails were in good condition.

Grooming the trail along Hwy 45