The Sno-Eagles Christmas Party in December of 2006 was well attended as more than 50 members were present for the crowning of Miss Sno-Eagle, Danielle Fehrman.  Cliff the Magic Man provided the entertainment at the party.

Left to right: Princess Stefanie Massignan, Miss Sno-Eagle 2007 Danielle Fehrman, Princess Eva Zimplemann, and Princess Kaitlin Boehm

January is always a busy month for the Sno-Eagles with volunteer work at the Derby Track during the Derby and getting the trails ready for the season.  Tom Tomlanovich, the Sno-Eagles new Trail Boss,  reported our trails were inspected December 11 and the County commented on how great a job our club did with signing again this year.  A big thank you to Bob Stencil for all his work.  President Max Rockafellow spent January calling on local businesses to support the club financially.

The Sno-Eagles bylaws have been revised to reflect dissolution of the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club and Headwaters Trails and merger of the two clubs into the Sno-Eagles, Inc.

During February 2007, the club reported having nearly $50,000 in the bank.  The Wednesday snowmobile rides were loads of fun and the trails were good with bad spots in the wet areas.  Take Pride and Ride raffle tickets sales were going well and thanks again to Bugs Mathieu for being the chairman of this committee.  The big news in town was the opening of the World Snowmobile Headquarters and Museum on January 20, 2007.

The World Snowmobile Headquarters includes the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame, a Derby Wall of Fame, antique snowmobiles and a gift shop

At the March meeting Trail Boss Tom requested the purchase of a new Sno-Boss drag for the club.  Motion was made and carried.  President Max Rockafellow stated the club will be selling a new line of Sno-Eagles clothing available at Team Fleece in Eagle River.  During the meeting Bob Stencil was thanked for leading the Wednesday guided trail rides and for leading the group on our Weekend Away to Lac Du Flambeau in February.  Due to lack of snow the trails closed March 21.

At the April board meeting a letter from WRJO Take Pride and Ride indicated the Sno-Eagles sold the fourth most tickets in the raffle and will be receiving $2,000 from the event.  Thank you letters from the Derby were read at the meeting.  Summer events including the picnic and July 4th parade were discussed and committee leaders set.  AWSC reported that the Sno-Eagles is the 14th largest club in the state with 160 members.

The club appreciation dinner to be held at Eagle Waters Resort was scheduled for May 17.  The Journey’s Marathon water station was manned by Sno-Eagles volunteers Jeanne Rockafellow and Paula Raska.  Max stated that Team Fleece, who made our logo clothing, has gone out of business and he will be looking at another vendor over the summer.  Trail Boss Tom stated he will be cleaning the groomers over the summer.

In the August newsletter, President Max reported the Sno-Eagles side of the trail map is sold out and the proof is ready for approval at Hahn Printing.  The club will be ordering 10,000 maps.

Big news this summer for the Sno-Eagles was the announcement that the Town of Cloverland was removing the bridge over the Otter Rapids dam.  Without a bridge the club will need to find a reroute to go west along Hwy. 70 towards St. Germain.

Todd Achterberg will be organizing the club picnic at Braywood at the end of August.

At the September board meeting the 2007-2008 budget was reviewed and accepted.  The approved budget had an estimated income of $125,070 and estimated expenses of $91,000.  Work continues on re-decking the Wisconsin River bridge.  The board agreed to again participate in the WRJO Take Pride and Ride raffle with Bugs Mathieu taking the lead for the Sno-Eagles.

It has been the practice of the club that volunteers are responsible for brushing sections of each trail.  If assistance is needed, volunteers should contact Max or Bob Stencil.

The Annual Weekend Away was planned for February 15-17 going to Iron River, MI with Tom & Donna Bucher, and Sally & Jim Ayers as hosts.

At the October board meeting Trail Boss Tom presented the club with a check for $3,458.01 which was the balance in the Headwaters equipment replacement fund.  The money will be used to pay down the loan debt on the tractor.

Bob Stencil reported the trails are in fairly good condition,  and Trail Boss Tom reported the equipment is cleaned but some minor repairs are still needed.

Sally Ayers reported that she will again conduct the Snowmobile Safety Course the first weekend in December.  The snowmobile trails were inspected and opened on December 12.