The Sno-Eagles Christmas Party in December 2005 was wonderful, and the club thanked our hostess, Donna Richter, for organizing the event. At the Christmas Party, Miss Sno-Eagle 2006, Ashlee Harmon, was crowned.




Trackside donated a SkiDoo snowmobile jacket and bibs to Miss Sno-Eagle, Ashley Harmon. The suit was presented by Trackside representative Vicki Polich


The Sno-Eagles Christmas Party in December 2005 was wonderful, and the club thanked our hostess, Donna Richter, for organizing the event. At the Christmas Party, Miss Sno-Eagle 2006, Ashlee Harmon, was crowned.

During the January 2006 Board Meeting, the Sno-Eagles budget was approved. Audrey Stearns reported the club now has 138 members which is a new high.

The Derby Track is sponsoring a pizza night on Friday during the Derby to thank the many volunteers.

At the February meeting Bob Stencil reported there is a 55 mph speed limit at night for snowmobiles, and that Headwaters Trails has purchased and received a new Sno-Boss drag.

The Weekend Away is scheduled for February 10-11, 2006 riding to Hurley.

Some members expressed concern regarding unsafe ice on Catfish Lake. President Max Rockafellow suggested members contact Tom Tomlanovich from Headwaters Trails, as this is not a club matter.

The Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Eagle Waters Resort is scheduled for March 4.

March 2006 was particularly important for the Sno-Eagles. A proposal was presented to merge the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club and Headwaters Trails into one club – the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club. The Sno-Eagles Board of Directors approved the merger after receiving a partial financial statement from Headwaters. The statement indicated Headwaters did not have sufficient funds to cover expenses during the 2006-2007 season. Additional financial reports were requested by the Sno-Eagles board.

Tom Tomlanovich, left, former president of Headwaters Trails and Sno-Eagles President Max Rockafellow share a handshake as the two groups merge

Later that month a letter was presented at the general membership meeting stating the Sno-Eagles Board of Directors approved the merger of the two organizations. The original intent of separating the trails and grooming activities from the Sno-Eagles was to involve local business leaders on the board of directors of Headwaters and to be responsible for the grooming and maintenance of trails. Over the years this failed to materialize. Of the Headwaters twelve-person board of directors, only six were active, two of which were members of the Sno-Eagles.

Headwaters Trails had difficulty handling the workload and obtaining the level of business financial support needed each year. If the merger is approved by the Sno-Eagles membership, the club will create a Trail and Grooming Committee consisting of President Max Rockafellow, VP Todd Achterberg, Land Easements Chris Collins, Trail Boss Tom Tomlanovich, Equipment and Buildings Bob Stencil, Accounting Allen Decker, and Communications Holly Tomlanovich. The merger was approved during the March meeting after lengthy discussion.

Due to a lack of interest, the March scavenger hunt was cancelled.

A Volunteer Appreciation dinner was planned for May 21 at Eagle Waters Resort.

The merger of Headwaters Trails with the Sno-Eagles was approved and moving forward toward the July 1, 2006 merger date.

Bob Stencil was thanked for leading the Wednesday guided snowmobile rides this past year. Jerry Tahtinen reminded all to pick up the remaining map boxes that are still at business locations.  Bugs Mathieu asked the club to consider holding a membership meeting on a Saturday instead of Thursday nights during the winter. The proposal was considered and tabled.

In June, the Trail and Grooming Committee met for the first time to discuss the 2007-2008 season. Member Ken Maahs will provide several Corvettes for Miss Sno-Eagle and her court for the July 4th parade.

The Sno-Eagles did not get the bid to have the pop stand at the County Fair. The club picnic was scheduled for August 26th at the Braywood Resort. Jerry and Nancy Tahtinen announced they are hosting the Weekend Away for February 9-10, 2007 to ride to Lac du Flambeau, WI.

A Community Open House was planned for September 30 at the groomer shed, with food and refreshments being served. This is the first time the club sponsored a Community Open House. During the September general meeting, the club provided members with the new mission statement, thus completing the merger of Sno-Eagles and Headwaters.

Election of officers and directors was held at the September meeting. Max Rockafellow was elected President, Todd Achterberg VP, Audrey Stearns Treasurer, and Paula Raska Secretary. Elected directors were John Peroutky, Jim Fabish, Ron Engels, and Bugs Mathieu. Tom Tomlanovich was selected to be the Trail Boss for the Sno-Eagles. Bob Stencil, Bugs Mathieu, and John Peroutky were thanked for cleaning the groomer shed and working on the trails.

Jerry & Nancy Tahtinen are hosting the 2007 Weekend Away at Lake of the Torches Casino.

Boondockers Lounge at Wild Eagle Lodge was selected as the site of the Club Christmas Party in December. At the December 2006 membership meeting, the members voted to approve the dissolution of Sno-Eagles and Headwaters, and the formation Sno-Eagles Inc. The club also approved $100 to purchase a sign inside of the ice arena.