It was noted at the January directors meeting that the trails were in good condition. However, there were many wet areas, especially the Wisconsin River Bridge area, which is now temporarily closed. Bugs Matthieu reported the sale of Take Pride and Ride raffle tickets is going well. The biggest event for ticket sales this month is at the Derby Track. The Antique Snowmobile Club of America will be hosting the 45th Anniversary of the First Snowmobile Derby on Dollar Lake on February 8-9. While promoting the event at Dollar Lake, the Vilas County News Review interviewed Rudy Spiess, longtime member and founding father of the Sno-Eagles.

Rudy Spiess promoted snowmobiling since the 1960’s

The January membership meeting was held at Boondocker’s at Wild Eagle Lodge with Miss Sno-Eagle for 2008, Michelle Scott, in attendance.

Michelle Scott, center, was crowned 2008 Miss Sno-Eagle. First runner-up was Heather Hoffman, left, and second runner-up was Angela Liebel, right

Jim & Sally Ayers planned the Weekend Away to Iron River, MI for February 15-17.

In February, Holly Tomlanovich informed the board that to date the club has collected 63% of the estimated $32,500 goal for Business Support. Also in February, the board was seeking members to run for office at the annual elections to be held in March. The Wednesday guided trail rides from the Railroad Depot led by Bob Stencil have been well attended this season.

Tom Tomlanovich was elected Vilas County AWSC Director, Congratulations Tom. Bugs Matthieu reported the Sno-Eagles sold the third most tickets and would be receiving $2600 from the Take Pride and Ride raffle. Congratulations to Bugs and crew.

At the March membership meeting, Trail Boss Tom reported trails in good condition with only minor equipment breakdowns this season. Trails have been groomed during the rainy weather experienced recently. The Sno-Eagles donated $100 to the City of Eagle River for flags on street lights in the city. Trail Boss Tom recommended the club sell the 2001 Bombardier 180MP as it is old. Tom found a club down south interested in the unit for $45,000.

The Weekend Away to Iron River, MI was attended by 34 people and it was fun.

Pat Freeman, former club president and long-time member, died in March.

The March membership meeting held at the Hiawatha Hideaway was well attended with elections being held at the meeting. Max Rockafellow was elected President, Ken Storms V.P., Paula Raska Secretary, Audrey Stearns Treasurer. Bugs Mathieu and Dennis Del Ponte were elected directors.

At the April meeting Bob Stencil stepped down as the Trail Patrol Boss and Building/Trails maintenance coordinator. Dennis Del Ponte replaced Bob. Trail Boss Tom and Holly are putting together a groomer replacement plan for the club.

The Sno-Eagles will host the water station again for Journey’s Marathon. The club appreciation dinner will be held May 22 at Eagle Waters.

At a special board of directors meeting, the board approved the motion made by Trail Boss Tom to purchase a new 2009 Prinoth Husky Trail Groomer for $150,000. With the $45,000 from the sale of the Bombardier and $10,000 in bank the club will have a $95,000 loan.

Sportsman’s Chalet in St. Germain is planning a club fundraiser for July 12. Raffles and prizes galore at the fundraiser.

Max & Jeanne Rockafellow and Louie & Paula Raska are planning the 2009 Weekend Away for February 6-7 traveling to Indian Springs Lodge and Casino in Carter, WI.

At the first board meeting in September, President Max appointed Tom Tomlanovich as trail boss and Holly Tomlanovich as grooming accountant. Tom placed an ad in the News Review to hopefully recruit 10 groomer operators this year. Bob Stencil was looking for more volunteers to help him with Trail Maintenance.

The board of directors approved the new Sno-Eagles logo, which is the logo the club is still using today.

Jim Fabish reported his committee/crew completed highway clean-up for the club along Highway 70W and Hwy 17 South.

In October, Bugs announced that the Take Pride and Ride raffle is on hold because WRJO is uncertain about sponsorship.

By November, Bob Stencil reported the trails are ready for snow. Bob and his crew were thanked. Also in November, the new 2009 Prinoth Husky groomer was delivered to the club.
Bugs reported that the Take Pride and Ride raffle ticket fundraiser is now underway. Denis Del Ponte announced that the Building Maintenance crew has been insulating the building ceiling. Jeanne Rockafellow and Karen Engels are hosting this year’s Christmas Party at the Eagle River Inn on January 10, 2009. Max reported the monthly groomer payment for the Prinoth will be $1,650.00. Donation jugs were placed at various businesses to help with groomer donations. Snowmobile Trails in Vilas County opened on December 12.