At the January 1982 membership meeting for the Sno-Eagles, President Bill Stegmeyer announced that the club currently had a checking account balance of $1818.43 and savings balance of $1641.91 to start the year. The club also was told by the county that the club currently had 40.6 miles of funded trails.

Here’s a photo of Miss Sno-Eagle 1980-81, Cindy Everett (on right), who became Miss Snowflake for 1982.
This picture shows a photo of Cindy Everett (right) placing the crown on our new Miss Sno-Eagle 1982-1983 Cherie Adler. 

March 1982 found the Sno-Eagles and Vilas County Alliance enforcing a rule to not allow 3-wheeled vehicles on snowmobile trails has worked well over the season.

During the April meeting President Bill Stegmeyer announced the Buckatabon bridge will need to be replaced during the summer and he was looking for volunteers. 

The 1982-1983 Trail Guide had a wonderful article by Joyce Roxbury discussing the Flying Femmes which was the predecessor of Women on Snow today. To read this interesting article click on this link:

Tom Berner and Joyce Roxbury were put in charge of organizing the Annual Sno-Eagles Carnival to be held in August. Jeff Miller, Walt Monheim and Dennis Krusik were elected directors of Headwaters Trails.  

This picture shows the Officers of the Sno-Eagles and the owners of Tia Juana Club in Land O Lakes. The Tia Juana hosted a party and donated all the proceeds to the Sno-Eagles who in turn donated the money to Headwaters Trails

At the July 1982 meeting Joyce Roxbury reported selling $11,000 worth of ad space in the annual 4-seasons area guide for 1983. Lumber for the Buckatabon bridge will cost the club $1500 and so far, Conover has not offered to help pay costs. Headwaters Trails reported they had $2082.00 left over from the last season after all bills were paid. 

The August Carnival had 3 large raffle prizes: a portable TV, a microwave oven, and a small camera.  At the September 1982 meeting, Rudy Spiess announced the club will finally use the old Railroad right of way as a snowmobile trail through town. Elections were held with Bill Stegmeyer, President, Ace Roxbury V.P, Jack Haase Treasurer, Marilyn Schoessow secretary.