The January 1981 meeting of the Sno-Eagles was held at the Kathan Inn and the club was up to 90 members. The subject of creating a trail from Eagle River to connect to the Kimball Creek Trail was discussed with the issue of time, money, manpower and equipment being the big issues.

Officers seated left to right: Tom Berner, Treasurer; Joyce Roxbury, secretary; Jim Ayers, president; Leon Kukanich, VP
Board members: Dennis Krusick, Bill Stegmeyer, Jeff Miller, Dan Gaszak, Jeanette Boettcher, Bill Anderson, Bob Ginner, Vic Puttkammer, Steve Wilber, Tom Gelinskey
Miss Sno-Eagle 1980-1981
Left to right: JoAnn Gaszak first runner-up; Sutten Krusick, Miss Sno-Eagle; Belinda Wilder, 1979-1980 Miss Sno-Eagle and current AWSC Miss Snowflake

The Midwest International Racing Association asked Headwaters Trails to sponsor a Pro Enduro Race in Eagle River back in September 1980. The race was moving forward was scheduled for February 1981. However, due to lack of snow, the Enduro Race was cancelled. The Sno-Eagles Poker Run was on – however members may want to drive their cars rather than snowmobiles due to lack of snow.

Sno-Eagles Fun Day was held on an area lake every February. Games such as blindfolded drivers following a course that the passenger guides them through were played.

In March the DNR told the club that trail funding will be set at 34.6 miles, which is 6 miles short of what the club thought. Also, in March, the club held an Enduro Rain Dance, to help defray monies lost at the cancelled Enduro race. The Dance brought in $700. 

Three members of the Sno-Eagles were elected to the board of Headwaters Trails: Jeff Miller, Walt Monheim and Tom Berner.  

The club held their usual fundraisers and fun events over the summer with the Summer Carnival and the Picnic/Canoe day.  

Miss Sno-Eagle, Sutten Krusick, on 4th of July float
Sno-Eagles 4th of July Carnival pony rides at the fairgrounds
Miss Sno-Eagle Sutten Krusick and Headwaters Trail Boss Rudy Spiess along with our two groomers – a Bombardier SV220 and a new Tucker

At the September annual meeting, election of officers was held. Bill Stegmeyer was elected President, Ace Roxbury VP, Jack Haase Treasurer, Pattie Miller recording secretary, with Sally Ayers and Gene Fleck as directors. The club started planning their Christmas Party to be held at the Eagle River Country Club with music by the Music Men.  

October found members Rudy Spiess and Don Wagner out bulldozing and brushing trails.

Sno-Eagles sold advertising for these junction box signs
Looking at a new Yamaha snowmobile from Pannetti Yamaha of Milwaukee at the Chanticleer Inn.

Left to right: Jim Ayers, Sally Ayers (seated), Jake Alward, Panetti Yamaha trip coordinator, & Joyce Roxbury