At the March 20, 2019 meeting of the Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance, the Vilas County Tavern League donated $1,000 to the Alliance.

Dan Ullsperger, Vice-President Vilas County Tavern League and owner of Buckshot’s Saloon and Eatery presented the donation on behalf of the Vilas County Tavern League.  The Wisconsin Tavern League will match the donation.

Promoting responsible snowmobiling is a goal of the Tavern League.  One of the top priorities of the League is to keep patrons safe. The League advocates for abstinence from alcohol while operating a snowmobile and offers the SafeRide program.  The goal of SafeRide is to eliminate operating a vehicle while intoxicated by providing a safe ride home.

SafeRide provides a free taxi ride home to impaired drivers including snowmobile drivers.  The cost is shared by the tavern/restaurant and the Tavern League of Wisconsin.

The Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance will utilize the funds to promote safe snowmobiling in Vilas County.


Left:  Dan Ullsperger, Vice-President Vilas County Tavern League

Right:  Steve Wolfe, President Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance