Due to the loss of trail easement, Trail 13-south to Three Lakes will be CLOSED for the 2023-2024 snowmobile season and possibly beyond. The landowner cited off-trail riding and excessively loud exhaust pipes as factors that led to revocation of the easement.

The Sno-Eagles immediately and exhaustively researched re-route options. Two options to re-route Trail 13 to Three Lakes have been proposed. Both require the construction of a bridge which may take several years to complete.

The attached map indicates the closure with normal access to Trail 10 at Willow Drive. South of this point will be groomed for local resident access only. The Sno-Eagles will be determining exactly how far south the trail is groomed, however, there will be NO connection to Three Lakes.

The current alternate route options will be via Trail 17 through Sugar Camp, or Trail 10-E to the Ninemile spur.