President Jack Armstrong proposed to the Board of Directors to hire a guy at $100 per week to groom trails.  Jim Ayers said the County will provide some reimbursement.

Elections for Sno-Eagles were held with Jack Armstrong re-elected President, Bill Baird elected VP, Bonnie Godleske Secretary and Lois Healy Treasurer.  In Jan. 1973 the Sno-Eagles charged the county $10.20 per hour to groom trails.  President Armstrong resigned as he was moving to Canada to work for Bombardier.  In May 1973 the club held elections again and elected Jim Ayers as President, Paul Reidel VP, Bonnie Godleske Secretary, Gail Sporleder Treasurer.

A Spring Dance was held which raised $200 for the club.  The club decided to host a Fashion Show and Luncheon in November to raise money.  The county has said it will build two bridges, to hook up to the St. Germain trail system.  Jill Ritzer was selected to be Miss Sno-Eagle.  The November Fashion show brought in nearly $200 and President Ayers gave a demonstration on how to change a belt on your snowmobile.

January 1974 President Ayers called a Board meeting as the club groomer broke down.  (Boy does this sound familiar).  The meeting was held at Dick’s Standard Station.  The club discussed what to do with the old groomer as it was not feasible to repair.  After a long discussion, the board decided to purchase a new Bombardier SV 200 at a cost of $14,250.  The club did not have the funds (again this sounds familiar) so the club borrowed money at 6% to move forward.

At the January 1974 Membership meeting President Ayers gave a list of things that need to be done on the trails.  Items included putting in 119 fence posts, various signs, and build a bridge at Herbert’s Hunting Shack.  Jim announced the club received $4900 in donations toward the groomer.  Jim also said that the club needs to ask local businesses to help by donating money to the club.  By Feb. 1974 the club raised nearly $16,000 through fundraising, donations, and selling patches and decals.

It was decided that a new set of Bylaws was needed.  The new bylaws set the first Tuesday of the month as Board meeting dates and the third Thursday as the General Membership meeting.  (we still use this format).

Member Bill Anderson represented the club at the 5th Annual AWSC conference.  There are now nearly 300 clubs in AWSC.  Finally, a Spring Dance was to be held at Club Pzazz as a fundraiser.  May 1974 was the Spring Dance and it cleared $327 for the club.

Elections were held, and Jim Ayers was re-elected Pres., Jerry Baer VP., Joyce Roxbury Secretary, and Carol Smart Treasurer.  President Ayers suggested the club needs to hold the membership meetings at a place that serves food and drinks.


Sno-Eagles Smelt Fry Poster circa 1970’s