January 1994 had the club thanking Elmer & Diane Jensen for another great Christmas Party and thanking Randy Walker for selling the most club pins by collecting over $250.

The winter of 1994 was colder than normal which did help keep the trails full of snow. Weekday rides were organized by John & Audrey Stearns, Pam Harmann, Edie Kukanich and others. The guides select the places to ride to in advance and people show up for the rides.

The club is asking members to take saws and snippers and go out on the trails to do a little brushing. Randy Walker was instrumental in getting Snow Patrol jackets for members helping out on the trails.
The club nominated Trackside to AWSC as Snowmobile Dealer of the Year.

Our Miss Sno-Eagle Rachel Tomlanovich is pictured on the cover of this years Trail Map.



The Weekend Away was a huge success and President George Hallis wrote a poem:

The day was perfect with only one flaw,

Ayers started out by breaking the law.

As he gathered us round on a forbidden street,

he provoked the anger of the cop on the beat.

The fuzz and the Pres fought a long verbal bout,

we stood by waiting to see how it would turn out.

Finally the cop proved that he had some class,

and we rode away with only a chewing of ass.

Later that day whilst traversing a lake,

Ayers vented his anger on a poor marker stake.

Broke it off clean with the bumper of his sled,

He ran over it twice to make sure it was dead.

And so ends the saga of day number one,

a day filled with memories of law-breaking fun.


The trails closed just in time for the April 1 weather of 60 degrees.

At the May 1994 meeting of Headwaters Trails they elected Bruce Kaitchuck President,  Pat Freeman VP, George Hallis Secretary-Treasurer.  The Spring Fling dinner was a grand affair at the Persian Paradise with over 100 people attending.

The annual summer activities were planned with the July 4th parade, annual canoe trip, and food vending.  Jim & Sally Ayers are planning the 1995 Annual Weekend Away for February 17-19 going to Indian Springs Lodge in Carter, WI as it is a new facility.

The club held its annual picnic again at Braywood Resort and it was well attended and loads of fun.  October had elections for the club.  Jim Ayers was elected President, George Hallis VP, JoAnn Krusick Treasurer, Diane Hallis Secretary with Don Hendrickson, Scott Saunders and Don Heiser elected directors.

Headwaters Trails announced that they will be leasing a new tractor for the upcoming season and they are in the process of hiring a Trailmaster to oversee the grooming operation instead of volunteers.

The railroad bridge fundraiser is in full swing, already raising over $170,000.

Kathy at Mud Creek Saloon held another wonderful Chili cookoff for the club.

Congratulations to Randy Walker as Trackside was awarded Snowmobile Dealer of the Year at the AWSC conference in October.

Trails officially opened on December 10th and the trail maps are all out at vendors.  The Derby Fling is being planned, and John & Audrey Stearns will be the torch bearers for the Badger State Winter Games this year.  Numerous trail rides are being planned.  The Annual Safety Course was held on December 8 & 10.  The December membership dinner meeting will be held at the White Spruce.