If there was snow a lot of us would be doing getting a group of people to do a ride to breakfast, lunch or dinner. With the lack of snow, we thought we should still do something. So last week we did our 1st Pop-Up Dining.


Last week Thursday a group of the Sno-Eagles went to The Honey Bear for dinner. While there a tour bus pulled in with 16 guys that came up to Eagle River from Iowa even though there was no snow to ride on.


They rented a coach bus to bring them up and had originally rented snowmobiles in Eagle River but when it got close, they were told that the trails were not open. They then rented sleds in Bergland MI but when it got close, they were also told that there was no snow.


So, they looked further north to a place that always has snow. Houghton MI, they set it up that they would have the bus drive them up and ride up there. Well, that plan fell through also as due to snow conditions.


They ended up coming up anyways and stayed in Eagle River, visiting the museum and a number of restaurants and bars in the area.


They said they were able to do a little bit of snowmobiling, they bought some toy snowmobiles are the museum and ran some races. All in all, they had a good time even without snow. They are planning to make the trip again next year. Thanks, guys, for still coming up and supporting the businesses.