The January 5,  2016 Board meeting held at the airport began with the resignation of Jim Ayers as a director due to family challenges.  The board selected Ron Kressin to complete Jim’s term.

Holly Tomlanovich informed the board that the building insurance premium rose 109%.  Membership is also rising to nearly 300 members.

The Equipment Maintenance committee gave the board a short presentation.  Club members Rusty Wolf and Brian Scheid asked the board why the club does not purchase parts from other than dealers.  The club could save money.  The board agreed to Brian’s suggestion to have the oil tested before it is changed.

VP Dave Mroczynski reported that the Football Frenzy fundraiser raised $2000 for the club.  Ride with Pride fundraising raffle is in progress, and Bugs and Dick Matkin are busy selling tickets at the Derby and Trackside.  Rusty suggested having Miss Sno-Eagle Victoria continue on until next summer to get the map cover and the current Miss Sno-Eagle in sync.  Presently when the new trail map comes out, the cover has the previous year’s Miss Sno-Eagle photo.  The board agreed.

Tori Sleeman, Miss Sno-Eagle

At the January membership meeting, the highlight was the sale of 50th Anniversary pins for the club.  Ron Engels is still doing Wednesday rides and Rusty is now doing the Thursday rides as Dennis Wick has moved.  President Ken reported the swamps are still not frozen and there is little snow on the trails.  Marv & Carol Radloff are hosting the Weekend Away, January 22-24 at the Great Northern Resort in Mercer.  They have 18 members already signed up.  Have fun.

In February, the club had only the new tractor out grooming as the grousers for the Prinoth track are blocked in customs, and the BR-180 is in Wausau for repairs.  The trails are still being groomed about 3 times per week.  President Ken was concerned that only 2 members show up on Monday mornings to assist with equipment maintenance and cleaning.  President Ken is still seeking a volunteer coordinator for the club.  Ken has tried for two months to get a member to take this job.  By the end of February, the area finally received some snow.  Trails are in fairly good shape.

Steve Linn reported the Ride with Pride ticket sales numbers.  Sno-Eagles sold $7,656, Conover $2,235, Three Lakes $2,644, and Phelps $695.


At the March Board meeting, Bob Stencil announced he will step down as Trail Maintenance Head as well as the lead person putting in signs.  Bob has been doing this job for nearly 20 years.  Thank you, Bob.  Trail Boss Tom said that the BR-180 is again running.  The club has been receiving complaints of bad trails.  There have been many breakdowns again this year.

The March membership meeting was held at Eagle Waters Resort with the highlight of the night being the election of officers.  Howard (Rusty) Wolf was elected President;  Carol Radloff, Secretary;  Ron Kressin, Chris Kloiber, and Bugs Mathieu were elected directors.

Left to right: Outgoing president Ken Storms, President Rusty Wolf, Treasurer Fred Rockafellow, Secretary Carol Radloff, and VP Dave Mroczynski

It was noted the bylaws state the Trail Boss and Communications chairperson, both appointed by the President, have voting privileges at the Board Meeting.  In-coming President Rusty stated the bylaws should be changed, and that he was going to advertise for the Trail Boss position

President Wolf opened the August board meeting by announcing that VP Dave Mroczynski will be putting together a Golf Outing for the club.  He also stated Miss Sno-Eagle, Tori Sleeman, will stay remain as Miss Sno-Eagle in order that the current Miss Sno-Eagle photo is on the cover of the trail map.

Holly Tomlanovich will again assist with mailing the Business Support letters this fall.

President Wolf stated that he would not jeopardize the club by signing the Trail Maintenance Contract knowing full well that the New Holland tractor weight exceeds all bridge load limits.

The August Golf Outing had 48 golfers and 22 business sponsors making the outing a success for the club.

The President selected Brian Scheid and Bob Richardson to be Trail Co-Bosses for the new season.

Left to right: Brian Scheid, Rusty Wolf, Bob Richardson

Brian immediately got Ron Engels and Bugs Mathieu to help him set up trail brushing days for the club.  Bob Richardson and Rusty got a couple of members to help with groomer maintenance during the fall.  The BR-180 needs a complete undercarriage rebuild.

Scott Linn and his crew set up October 21 & 22 for the snowmobile safety class.

Ron & Marion Hanson along with Terry & Pam Smith hosted a wonderful summer picnic for the club.  The Brat & Bake sale hosted by Dennis Kirby, Jim & Margot Bowman, Fred & Kathy Rockafellow, and Tiffany Kloiber was also a huge success netting the club $533.

During the October meeting, the club presented Tom Tomlanovich a plaque for his 20 years of service to the club.

Marv & Carol Radloff will host the Weekend Away February 24-26, 2017 to the Black Bear Motel in White Pine, MI.  The Board approved President Wolf’s suggestion to trade our 2013 T7 New Holland tractor on a 2015 T5 New Holland tractor even trade at Swiderski of Wausau.  This tractor is 9,000 lbs. lighter.

In November it was announced that our Miss Sno-Eagle, Tori Sleeman, competed in the Miss Snowflake competition and was selected as Miss Sparkle during the competition.

Tori Sleeman, AWSC Miss Sparkle, with her mother and little sister

President Rusty and Cheryl Wolf will host the Christmas Party on December 15 at Eddie B’s White Spruce Restaurant.  Trail Boss Brian explained at the November meeting that the club has the new T5 tractor giving us a lighter footprint.   The club sold our Prinoth groomer to another club as it was having electrical issues and broken tracks.  The BR-180 had the tracks removed and all wheels received new bearings and seals.  We also purchased a used Tucker at an exceptionally low price to help with grooming this year and to reduce our financial obligations.  All three groomers are ready to go.

Carol Radloff is organizing the Salvation Army bell ringers this year.

Steve Linn will again chair the Ride with Pride Raffle committee.  The first-place prize will be a 2017 Ski-Doo snowmobile with additional prizes including a 55” television.

In December it was announced that Bob Richardson will step down as Trail Co-Boss and Brian Scheid will be our Trail Boss for two years.  VP Dave Mroczynski announced that the club will have a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser at Eagle Waters Resort, so mark your calendars.  At the December board meeting, President Rusty distributed changes to the by-laws which will be presented to the club later in the month and voted on next meeting.  Terry Smith is heading up a committee to maintain the groomers this season.  Terry is looking for help.

Terry Smith