In January, the Sno-Eagles were planning events at the Derby as well as the Weekend Away. The annual Weekend Away is scheduled for January 21- 23 at the LCO Casino in Hayward. Freddy Fender will be playing at the casino while the group is there. Wayne Zelinski is heading this committee.

Donna Richter was thanked for putting together a wonderful Christmas party in December at the Riverstone Restaurant. Samantha Mueller was selected as our Miss Sno-Eagle for 2005.

At the Miss Sno-Eagle pageant, Stephanie Rideout (left) was named a princess, Samantha Mueller (center) received the 2005 Miss Sno-Eagle title, and Rebecca Levine (right) also received the title of princess


The 2005 Budget was approved by the Board of Directors in January. It has an estimated income of $34,400 and estimated expenses of $34,400.


Sally Ayers reported the December Safety School had 36 young snowmobilers.


In February 2005, the AWSC sent out a questionnaire asking if members supported a two-tier registration system giving the snowmobile club members a reduced rate on snowmobile registration. The overwhelming support for the two-tier registration system has the AWSC working on a proposal that will be presented to all members at the March convention.


The Sno-Eagles now have stickers with the new logo for sale. This is the logo with the Eagle Head on a black and white checkered background.


Eagle Waters Resort and Boat Sport Marina joined forces and held a Scavenger Hunt fundraiser for the club in February. The Scavenger Hunt and dinner was a big hit.


Eagle Waters Resort, Boat Sport, and the Sno-Eagles teamed up for a winter scavenger hunt. Proceeds from the event totaling $1,000 were presented. From left, Eagle Waters owners Laura dn Jeff Koranda, Sno-Eagles president Max Rockafellow, and Boat Sport owner John Mors.


In February, Headwaters Trails announced that they are using a Case tractor as a demo.


Snowmobile trails closed March 31, 2005.  It was a particularly good snowmobile year for the club. The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for 2005 will be held May 15 at Eagle Waters. Audrey Stearns is coordinating the event.


Headwaters Trails sent the Sno-Eagles a letter in April stating, “the strategy of Headwaters Trails for the 2004-2005 season was to pare down equipment and lessen the number of grooming hours in an effort to fall within the income we knew we could expect from business donations, fundraisers, Sno-Eagles donations and state funding. To do this we sold the Tucker and committed to grooming with two pieces of equipment. In addition we cut back our grooming programs/hours by 20% resulting in a cut back in expenses. We are grooming only Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. With the cut-back, our two remaining pieces of equipment would be used more. Our BR-180 has 6 seasons on it and we are facing increased maintenance, repairs, and track replacement. For that reason after the sale of the Tucker we paid off the existing loans. The leftover money, (about $30,000) the BR-180 trade in, and a $40,000 loan was used to purchase a new BR-180. To make this loan possible we are asking the Sno-Eagles for more money this season”. The Sno-Eagles will discuss this metter at the May board meeting


The Sno-Eagles Board will discuss this letter at the May board meeting. Todd Achterberg will organize the summer picnic. The Weekend Away for 2006 is being hosted by Ed & Geri McKeown and will travel to Hurley, WI. The Sno-Eagles board did approve more monies for Headwaters Trails.


 A great summer picnic at Braywood Resort was organized by Todd Achterberg.


Todd Achterberg informed the club in September that the state funded the bridge at Mud Creek with a $168,000 grant.


Audrey Stearns reported the Pop Stand at the County Fair earned a profit of $911.


During the September 2005 membership meeting, new officers and directors were elected for 2006. Max Rockafellow was elected President, Todd Achterberg VP, Audrey Stearns Treasurer, Paula Raska Secretary. Bob Stencil, Rick Conant, and John Peroutky were elected directors.


In October, Bob Stencil told the Board he is out brushing and checking signs. Bob asked for volunteers to meet with him every Thursday to go brushing.


The annual Christmas party was set for December 3 at the Eagle River Inn and will include the selection of Miss Sno-Eagle. Donna Richter coordinated the Christmas party.


The Weekend Away is scheduled for February 11-12 traveling to Lake Gogebic and then on to Hurley.


The Sno-Eagles will be assisting Prince of Peace Lutheran Church with Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign again this year.


In December, Audrey Stearns reported that the club now has 126 paid members.