Sportsman’s Chalet held its annual pig roast & cash raffle on June 16th to benefit the Sno-Eagles and Sugar Camp Snowmobile Club.

Here are the lucky winners:

1st prize $4,000 Matt VanSkyhawk
2nd prize $1,000 Brooke Dreger & Holly Tomlanovich
3rd prize $1,000 Anna Rhode
4th prize $500 Brian Stefonik
5th prize $500 Mike Kunda
6th prize $500 Dave Mroczynski
7th prize $500 Katie Bauknecht
8th prize $500 Bruce Scott
9th prize $250 Marty Jolin
10th prize $250 Jeanne Maney

We’ll know later how much money was raised for the groomer replacement fund and will post here when available.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a big success!

Yummy buffet table


Ticket sellers Bev Dittmar and daughter



Left to right: Brian Pitlik, Dave Mroczynski, Holly Tomlanovich, Matt VanSkyhawk



Grand prize winner Matt VanSkyhawk and wife Misty