The Sno-Eagles Board of Directors has established a Go Fund Me campaign to generate funds for groomer replacement.

Replacing a grooming unit is extremely costly ranging from $175,000 for a used unit to upwards of $230,00 for a new unit.

Grooming is the largest expense to our club. We operate with an annual budget just over $150,000. One-third of the budget comes from the state. The remaining two-thirds comes from fundraising.

From mid-December through mid-March we groom the trails up to five nights a week with three groomers each night. We are very fortunate to have skilled volunteers who maintain the groomers and grooming drags. Their efforts save the club thousands of dollars and we thank them for their dedicated service to the Sno-Eagles.

We recognize snowmobiling is important to you, and riding on well-groomed trails is key to your enjoyment of the sport. Therefore, we are asking for your financial support to help us continue to provide the finest trails here the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.”

Please consider donating to our groomer replacement fund. Your support is much appreciated.

You can donate the following ways:
• Write check to the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club indicating Groomer Replacement Fund in the memo field, and mail to PO Box 866, Eagle River, WI 54521
• Visit our Go Fund Me campaign

Many thanks from the Board of Directors and your Trail Boss, Brian Scheid.