What is Snowmobiling he asked?   Pisten Bully product manager Johannes Linder was able to answer that question for himself after his recent trip to the United States and visiting the Snowmobile Capital of the World in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Johannes is the product manager for the Pisten Bully 100 and 400 Trail Snowcat in Laupheim Germany where all PistenBullys are produced.   The parent company Kassbohrer has several divisions within the firm.   PistenBully is the largest worldwide producer of snow grooming vehicles. North America is its biggest market in which snowmobile trail grooming plays a very important part.  This was Mr. Linder’s second visit to the U.S. but his first visit to experience snowmobiling to gather knowledge of the snowmobile market for which his product services.

Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club and Three Lakes-Brule River Trails hosted both Johannes and Paul Scanlon who sells and services out of the Minneapolis branch.  Paul planned the trip designed to see as many customers as possible and learn about snowmobiling.  Johannes was able to experience first hand the art of trail grooming as he took turns riding in the clubs’ PistenBullys.  He was also able to experience other grooming units and ride a snowmobile.

Johannes first time on a snowmobile was set up by Brian Scheid, the Sno-Eagles Trail Boss. Brian took Paul, Johannes and members of the Three Lakes-Brule River Club nearly 50 miles visiting multiple club trails in Vilas County.   Talking with Johannes, he was most impressed and surprised with how many members are in the local clubs, how many miles each club grooms, how many clubs are in the county, how many clubs are in Wisconsin, how many trails are in Wisconsin, how many registered snowmobiles are in Wisconsin and how many grooming units are needed to keep up with the trail system.   Mr. Linder has since returned to Germany but is very appreciative of his great experience at the Snowmobile Capital of the World!