We recently held our annual WDNR snowmobile safety class. This year 24 students, some from as far away as Wausau, participated in the course. They were taught by club members Scott Linn, Chris Fuller and Carole Linn who are WDNR certified snowmobile safety instructors.

The students learned some of the basics of snowmobiling such as snowmobile parts, snowmobile maintenance, and protective gear. They received instruction on riding positions, responsible riding, group riding, trail etiquette and emergency situations.

A favorite part of the class was being able to use vision distorting lenses, “Drunk Buster” goggles, to simulate the effects of alcohol consumption on the body. Another highlight was learning about ice safety, emergency situations and survival, and snowmobile safety. Tim Price, WDNR Conservation Warden, explained Wisconsin snowmobile laws.

Boat Sport of Eagle River donated two snowmobiles for the class that were utilized as training aids during the one-and-a-half-day course. This “hands-on” approach has been one of the successes of the class, allowing the students to work closely with instructors in small groups while learning about snowmobile parts and operation.

Lunch was provided by Buckshot’s, Sweetwater, and House of Dogs. Each of these establishments donated pizzas for the class. In addition, Pick & Save donated soda, Nobbe’s North donated the ice, Scott provided donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast, and Carole and Sandy Lathrop brought home baked cookies and brownies.

At the end of class, all 24 students passed the exam and are proudly certified!

Special thanks to:

Scott Linn, Chris Fuller, and Carole Linn – our instructors
Tim Price, WDNR Conservation Warden
Jason Linn – student check-in
Steve Linn – for soliciting snowmobile use, pizza, and soda donations
Ron Engels and Jerry Lathrop – snowmobile delivery and pickup
Boat Sport – use of 2 snowmobiles
Buckshot’s – pizzas
Sweetwater – pizzas
House of Dogs – pizzas
Pick & Save – soda
Nobbe’s North – ice

This was a great team effort and we thank all who helped make the class the great success it was!

Tim Price, WDNR Warden, discussing snowmobile laws
Trying out the “Drunk Buster” goggles”